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Thursday, February 11, 2016

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A revolution in unconventional resources, energy security issues and heightened environmental awareness has combined to generate increasing focus on natural gas developments in Asia.

Natural Gas Asia is at the forefront of this movement, providing leadership in the coverage of and service to the Asian natural gas market.

We created to serve as a broad and complete source of natural gas and energy-related news, research and insights for gas professionals and interested parties. 

Natural Gas Asia is a rapidly growing, cost-effective channel to reach, engage and inform targeted market segments focused on the natural gas industry. Nowhere else on the Internet will you find a selection of information related to natural gas in Asia in a single location.

Our qualified readership base includes national, regional and local governments and regulatory authorities, fund management and Investment banking professionals, integrated, national & independent oil & gas companies & utilities, knowledge, research and academic institutions, legal, finance, strategic and public relations professionals, print, broadcast and online media and supply, engineering and manufacturing firms.

We offer a limited number of sponsorship opportunities for corporate visibility, branding or messaging including:

  • Home page and Topic Centre Banners
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  • News Release Service
  • Video and Podcasts

Contact us at to receive our media kit and information on pricing and partnership packages and our customized solutions. 

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