Natural Gas Asia

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Galilee Energy to Drill Lateral CSG Well at Glenaras Project in Queensland

Galilee Energy said it will drill a lateral well at the Glenaras gas project located in ATP529 permit in western Queensland. 

The permit covers an area of approx. 4000 km2 and is 100% owned and operated by Galilee Energy.  The project area contains a significant coal seam gas resource position in the Betts Creek coals with a 1C of 308 PJ, a 2C of 2508 PJ and a 3C of 5314 PJ.

The company initiated R1 vertical well pilot in late 2015 by recompleting a single Betts Creek coal seam, the uppermost R1 seam, to avoid accessing any of the water bearing sands.  Previous attempts had targeted the lower, more permeable coals but poor completion methods and fracture stimulation had drawn water from the sands thus hindering the drawdown of the coals, the company stated.

According to Galilee Energy recent work in many CSG pilots in Eastern Australia has shown that horizontal drilling can dramatically improve reservoir drawdown and accelerate gas production in lower permeability pilots. “That, combined with large reductions in rig rates and improved steering technology, means this technology is a perfect fit to the Glenaras pilot project,” the company added.  

Two existing vertical wells will be utilised for the lateral with the kick-off lateral exiting from the Glenaras 5 wellbore and intersecting Glenaras 3.