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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Gastech 2015 (Oct 27-30)


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Circle Oil Flows Gas from Morocco Well

Circle Oil on Tuesday announced gas flow from KSR-A well located in Sebou Permit, onshore Morocco. The primary Main Hoot target interval was perforated from 1,817.9 to 1,826.7 metres MD and flowed gas at a maximum rate of 8.0MMscf/d on a 24/64" choke, the company said in an update. The well will be...

AFR: Transforming Northern Territory's Pipe Dream to $1b pipeline

The Northern Territory has earned four final tenders for the construction of a pipedream that is now even closer to reality, the $1.1 billion umbilical that will link central Australia's stranded gas fields to energy molecule-hungry customers up and down the nation's east coast. Tenders closed...

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Times of Oman: BP Plans to Bring Shale Gas Expertise to Oman

Bob Dudley said that in Oman, BP is focusing on introducing technology developed in the United States for shale fields and deploying it in the Middle East to produce gas from some of the world’s oldest and toughest sandstone — rocks that are as hard as granite at depths of over 5,000 metres.

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