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Saturday, July 02, 2016

OGT Summit


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China May LNG Imports Up Over 27%

China imported 1.43 million tonne (mt) of LNG in the month of May, up 27.3 percent on year. As per the data published by General Administration of Customs, imports in May were, however, lower compared with April imports which were 1.89 mt. China's pipeline gas imports in May were 2.03 mt, up 17.

Gazprom Cuts Power of Siberia Spending for 2016

Gazprom has slashed expenditures for 2016 on the Power of Siberia pipeline to 170-180 bln rubles ($2.8 bn) from 200 bn rubles, TASS has reported. "As for the Power of Siberia last year I said that financing would stand at around 200 bn rubles in 2016 and 250 bln rubles in 2017. Now we see that in 2016...