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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Sanctions on Iranian Gas Exports to be Costly For Europe

Any move to impose sanctions on gas imports from Iran will turn out be more costly to Europe, which has had extensive gas dealing with Iran, and has been more dependent on Iranian oil, EU economic advisor Mehrdad Emadi told Trend News.

Emadi noted that if there is a move to impose such sanctions by the U.S., it has to be supported by the EU, for them to be meaningful. He admitted that at this stage, there has been little indication for such intention to impose sanctions on gas, yet it still might happen.

"At this stage there are no indications so far that exports of gas are targeted but this does not mean that we may not see their introduction in the coming month," Emadi noted.

Advisor said that a close examination of the direction of sanctions and their ever rising reach does not provide a promising horizon for the gas industry.